In 2021, the Grimes-King Foundation Celebrates 161-years of service!

The Grimes King Foundation for the Elderly, Inc., successor to the Home for Aged Colored Women, has — for 160 years — both known and demonstrated that “Elderly Black Women’s lives do matter!”

Today, as the Grimes King Foundation enters this period, it faces a rapidly changing political and demographic environment where the health and well-being—and in some instances—the very lives of elderly women of African descent are at stake. It is a far different reality than 1860 Boston, but there are many parallels: The continuing impact of systemic racism on the financial security and well-being of elderly African American women including: their increasing vulnerability to poverty, food insecurity, lack of affordable housing, and quality in-home care.

Current reality presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the Board of Directors of the Grimes-King Foundation as we consider our strategic direction and envision opportunities to:

  • Generate new and more strategic connections with community members, organizations and partners,
  • Create a stronger/louder advocacy voice,
  • Leverage our current resources to generate new resources, and
  • Build collaborations with a wider variety of people and institutions to realize the full promise of our mission and vision.

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