About the Foundation

The Grimes-King Foundation for the Elderly, Inc (successor to the Home for Aged Colored Women c. 1860) functions as the guardian and distributor of funds to address today’s demands and challenges faced by elderly African American women in the Boston area. Originally funds were collected to establish a home to benefit elderly poor women of color, who for the most part, had worked in the houses of some of the wealthier families of Boston but who had no secure home in which to ‘Age-in-Place’. The Home for Aged Colored Women opened in 1860 and was incorporated in 1864. The Home for Aged Colored Women served its inhabitants well; by 1944 the goals evolved from direct Outside Aid toward systemic support of the mission and advocacy, and the organization was renamed in 1969 as the Grimes-King Foundation for the Elderly, Inc.

Our Mission

The Grimes-King Foundation for the Elderly, Inc. addresses the quality of life of low-income, elderly women of African-American descent in the Boston area. The Foundation’s primary commitment is to support program efforts concerned with meeting the housing, health care, transportation, social service or mental health needs of the Foundation’s beneficiaries, as well as, promote greater understanding of relevant social and economic policy issues in order to encourage development of needed resources.

Our Vision

The Grimes-King Foundation will work as a change agent, leveraging its resources, through partnerships and focused funding. In addition, the Foundation will be an advocate for the elderly and catalyst to develop needed resources.

Our Philosophy

The Foundation is bound to a stewardship role in furtherance of its historical purpose and mission. Given the pervasive nature of problems facing poor, elderly women of African descent in Boston, and the limited resources of the Foundation, the Foundation seeks to enhance the material impact of its resources by providing enabling funds and/or seed money to organizations which address the Foundation’s mission; and seeking to educate and influence relevant decision-makers to increase the range of resources and services available to the Foundation’s target population.

Our Values

We believe in…

  • Leadership and Stewardship,
  • Community Driven/Determination,
  • Education Through Advocacy,
  • Enabling Self-Reliance
  • Courage and Boldness.

gkf values

Our Legacy

Annually, the Grimes-King Foundation for the Elderly, Inc. releases in excess of $100,000 to serve our target population.  Lasting alliances and sustainable impact to the community have been established through the dedication of the Board of Directors acting on behalf of the Corporation.

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