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The Grimes-King Foundation for the Elderly, Inc. has for 163 years, actively supported underserved, elderly, African America/Black women so they could live their final years with security, relative comfort, and dignity.  The grant making process established in 1969, has changed significantly.  The foundation now has two funding cycles each year, and an Emergency Fund.

We are committed to working as a change agent, advocating for low‐income elderly women of African descent in Boston Massachusetts. The Foundation will also act as a catalyst to develop needed resources to meet their needs, and will leverage its resources through partnerships and focused funding.


The Grimes King Foundation continues to support several community-based organizations, each of which is committed to keeping elderly African American and Black women living healthily and comfortably in their own homes or apartments. For many years we have awarded grants, ranging from $5,000-$20,000, to support several organizations.  The application deadline for the 2023 grant cycle is May 5, 2023.  Please visit the 2023 Application page to download the guidelines, report and application forms.

In 2020, we launched the Walter R. Jennings Emergency Fund. Created in honor of Mr. Jennings, a long-serving board member, now deceased, this program was launched at the very beginning of the Pandemic. Our goal was to help by providing smaller, emergency grants, of $3,000 – $5,000, to organizations whose staff were on the ground, working to provide a wide range of personal and essential services to our elders in their homes. Contact to describe an emergency situation, which you believe the Board of Directors should consider.

In 2022, the foundation launched the Laura B. Morris (LBM) Micro-Grant award, honoring her 61-years of service on the Board and her expertise as one of Boston’s first Black social workers. This award enables us to support small, local area non-profits, grass-roots organizations (and distinct programs operating within major organizations) that assist and actively support elderly Black women.

Organizations receiving an LBM Micro-Grant award, in September 2022, will be contacted by the Board. We are committed to making the reporting and future funding process as easy as possible. We look forwarding to learning more about the healthy food, exercise, leadership, companionship, entertainment and, sometimes, faith-based services and/or spiritual guidance you are providing.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR “APPLICATION” PAGE to download these Grant Application Guidelines, Grant Report and Application/Proposal Forms.

QUESTIONS: As we continue to operate as a volunteer organization, please submit questions via email to  and we will respond as quickly as possible. Thank You!

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