Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a group of dedicated, experienced, community leaders who voluntarily oversee our grantmaking and fiscal operations.  We work collaboratively with our grantees to…

  1. Stay informed of changes impacting the lives of our growing constituents.
  2. Support organizations and grassroots groups with innovative approaches to addressing ongoing issues.
  3. Serve as a convenor bringing unrelated groups and individuals together to expand access to resources.


The members of our Board are presented below by name and year they were elected to the board.

Patricia Bonner-DuVal

President (2012)

Charles S

Hon. Charles Spurlock

Treasurer (2013)


Rosa L. Hunter

1st Vice President (2013)


Alison Simmons

Clerk (2010)


Dr. Sadie Burton-Goss


Jackie Davis

Jacqueline Davis


Dr. Alfred DeMaria, Jr.


Charlene Greene

Charlene Greene


Sylvia H

Sylvia D. Hobbs


Cassandra Lockett


Dick Rowland

Dr. Richard Rowland


Dr. Sylvia Q. Simmons


Wendy S. Vincent

Past President (2010)


Charlie A. Titus

Past President (2010)

Maurice Wright

Maurice Wright


Despite COVID-19 health and safety concerns, our board continued its work. Like so many other organizations, we relied on technology to continue to meet and support our grantees throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. In fact, early on, we created a new grant program, The Walter Jennings Emergency Grant, to get funds to our grantees who had people on the ground and needed equipment and supplies to keep them working and safe and continuing to care for their constituents.