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Our Position on Black Lives Matter

The Grimes King Foundation for the Elderly, Inc., successor to the Home for Aged Colored Women, has — for 160 years — both known and demonstrated that Black lives do matter! Today and into the future, we stand in solidarity with peaceful protesters, with the Black Lives Matter movement and all others who join the urgent fight for social justiceracial equity, and human rights.   

The history of African Americans is one of constant struggle.  In 1859, a multi-racial group of visionary Bostonians boldly came together to create the Home for Aged Colored Women. Their intent was to address an untenable social issue by providing food, shelter and other essentials to elderly African American women who were too old to work and had nothing.  While much has changed since those early days, we proudly honor the innovative spirit of our founders by nurturing our founding mission — to care for the special needs of aging African American women living in Boston – and supporting others who do as well. 

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