Mrs B with Family Staff


We are collaborating with more people and institutions in order to realize the full promise of our mission and vision. Supporting the work of organizations addressing the misery that poverty engenders in the lives of our elders continues to be a priority for us. Of importance, we are actively striving to generate new resources and sources of  funding support as we look to the increasing number of elders, aging in place in Boston.

To address the significant disparities and outcomes revealed by COVID, we continue to prioritize funding processes that increase the availability of services for our elders, such as access to health/mental care, food, housing, and other critical isolation reduction services.

We also strive to develop a stronger/louder advocacy voice, while continuing to support organizations on the front lines for this fight in both Boston, and statewide. As previously mentioned, history tells us that when changes are made to the programs and policies affecting elderly, women of color everyone benefits!! As a result, the outcomes of our work have had an incredible ripple effect. So, please consider how those you love and care for will benefit from our collective efforts and join us.

Donation Opportunities

In recent years, our funding initiatives have evolved from one annual grant program to three – each with a stated purpose.


Your contribution to the Grimes-King Foundation will help to make a difference in the lives of African-American/Black women when they are too old or infirm to work, by supporting organizations providing housing, health care, transportation, social service, mental health, and other services to address their needs.


Your gift to the WALTER JENNINGS, JR. EMERGENCY FUND supports programs needing one-time emergency funding to address specific crises. Launched in during the COVID pandemic in 2020, this fund enables the Foundation to remain responsive to the needs of our constituents during difficult times.


Launched in 2022, our Laura B. Morris micro-grant program was created to both honor our former board member and provide small grants to local area grass roots organizations. We asked a small group of organizations what they might do with an extra $500 to 1,000 and were delighted with the innovative programs proposed and are excited to see what future grants might yield.