Grant Guidelines

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Funding Considerations & Parameters


The Grimes‐King Foundation primarily funds direct program services and advocacy efforts benefiting our constituents. However, during the COVID-pandemic, the Foundation also provided general operating and capital grants, to ensure agency continuity and sustainability.


Our grants range from $1,000 to $20,000. We typically make one-year grants. Multi-year grants are by invitation only.


The Board appreciates grantees who share their program’s story, impact and outcomes. We also appreciate grantees’ acknowledgement of our Grimes‐King Foundation grant awards, and those organizations that collaborate to improve service delivery and have a greater impact in the community.


Budget Narratives must delineate, by line item, the expenditures related to the activities for which you are seeking Grimes King funding.


If your organization is part of a national or regional organization, your budget narrative must include the amount that the national or regional organization contributes to your efforts, generally, and to the initiative, we are asked to fund.