Our Funding

The Grimes King Foundation currently distributes funding to a diverse group of nonprofit organizations and community groups serving our target population through the following three funds:

GKF 2022

The General Fund

Since 1970, the Board annually distributes grants to Boston based agencies serving low-income, elderly African American/Black women. We are honored to work alongside our funding partners, such as the Boston Women’s Fund,  which enabled us in 2021 & 2022 to fund female-led organizations providing access to medical, housing, food and/or other survival services.

Walter Jennings

Walter R. Jennings, Jr. Emergency Fund

Was founded in April 2020, by  the Board as an emergency fund to address Covid-19 urgent needs. Organizations funded purchased the protective equipment needed to continue providing life-saving food, in-home care and other survival services.

Laura Morris

The Laura B. Morris Micro-Grants

Created in April 2022, by the Board of Directors, this fund provides critical support for community -based,  grassroots and small nonprofits. We prioritize groups led by and relying on volunteers who help to reduce the suffering of impoverished and oftentimes isolated Black female elders.


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