Who We Are

About the Grimes King Foundation for the Elderly, Inc. (GKF)

Since 1860, our work has been in service to the impoverished, elderly, African American/Black women living in Boston. As detailed in the “Our History” section, the nature of our contributions has changed over time, but we continue working diligently to keep the women safe, happy and living independently in their own homes or apartments.  To this end, we are proud to partner with and support Boston-based organizations providing the critical services needed to improve and sustain a better quality of life for these economically challenged women.

We are strongly committed to our social justice work. As a result, Grimes King has played a major role in breaking down barriers over the centuries, despite the many obstacles we have had to overcome. Today, we are still fighting the fight, unwaveringly dedicated to addressing the disparities that have existed since before our founding.

To help us in our ongoing efforts to make change happen, learn more about the quintuplet pandemics we are fighting.  History tells us that when changes are made to the programs and policies affecting elderly, women of color, everyone benefits! As a result, the outcomes of our work have had an incredible ripple effect. So, please consider how those you love and care for will benefit from our collective efforts and join us.


Grimes King Foundation addresses the quality of life of low-income, elderly, women of African American descent in the Boston area.  The Foundation’s primary commitment is to support program efforts concerned with meeting the housing, health care, transportation, social service and mental health needs of the Foundation’s beneficiaries, as well as promote greater understanding of relevant social and economic policy issues in order to encourage development of needed resources.


Grimes-King Foundation will work as a change agent, advocating for low-income, elderly, women of African descent and also act as a catalyst to develop needed resources to meet their need. It will leverage its resources through partnership and focus funding.


Leadership & Stewardship

Strong leadership and organizational effectiveness lead to a stewardship of passion and commitment, recognizing and honoring the organization’s historical legacy.

Community Driven Determination

Our programs, practices, and grant-making are driven by the needs of the individuals and communities we serve; therefore, our funding supports organizations addressing the needs of elderly women of African descent.

Education Through Advocacy

It is important to serve as a voice representing elderly women of African Descent, promoting greater understanding, and impacting the social and economic policies that will generate needed resources and direct them towards that community.

Enabling Self-Reliance

Support, caring and compassion enabling elderly women of African descent to be self-reliant, realizing the Divine blessings of longer, healthier, more satisfying and joy-filled lives.